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Voice Interoperability Plan for Emergency Responders (VIPER)


In the Criminal Justice Information Network (CJIN) Study Final Report, dated April 7, 1995, Price Waterhouse LLP recommended that CJIN establish standards for and implement a mobile voice and data communications network that would allow all North Carolina law enforcement and public safety agencies to communicate with each other, regardless of location.  While our CJIN Mobile Data Network (CJIN-MDN) solution is fully deployed across the State, VIPER, formerly known as the CJIN Voice Trunked Network (CJIN-VTN) initiative, has struggled over the years.  Although it is a high priority for CJIN, VIPER has the greatest projected cost and is the biggest project under development.

A revalidation study completed by Gartner Group in November, 2002 reconfirmed our strategy to deploy an 800 MHz solution.  This strategy supports the existing local 800 MHz investments. Both the 1995 CJIN Governing Board study and the re-validation study in 2002 recognized that a statewide voice radio communications system should be constructed using the 800 MHz frequency spectrum.  This is due to the availability of 800 MHz frequencies for public safety, the widespread use of 800 MHz by most of North Carolina’s major metropolitan areas, and the commencement of 800 MHz system development by the State Highway Patrol in 1999.  VIPER currently operates a Motorola SmartZone 800 MHz system with ninety-two remote voice radio transmitter sites.  The planned VIPER strategic solution will include two-hundred thirty-eight sites.


Prior to the organization of CJIN, there was no unified comprehensive communications plan that afforded users access to interagency communications.  VIPER will provide the ability to communicate interagency, thus enhancing officer safety and allowing our public safety community to better serve the citizens of North Carolina.

Project Status

Please visit the State Highway Patrol Website for ongoing updates of the project:,001148,001664