Body Worn Camera and Video Management

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Body Worn Cameras are of extreme interest for Law Enforcement Agencies, Officers and the public.  The CJIN Board has been exploring this topic for some time and have gathered a variety of information from various sources that will shed some light on the status of Body Worn Camera; NC Agencies (pilots, implementation, policies, etc.), Statutes and Ordinances (NC & Agencies across the Country), Presentations and Workshops (Numerous Agencies), etc. These documents can be found below.

Major Steve Willis of the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department has agreed to be the Advisory Member to the CJIN Board who will be the contact for Body Worn Camera and Video Management. If you have questions and need some additional resources or documentation, please call the CJIN Staff first.

Tthe Justice and Public Safety Subcommittee thanked the CJIN Board for bringing this to their attention and for facilitating workshops and presentations to address the Law Enforcement Communities’ concerns. Out of these workshops the Justice and Public Safety Subcommittee drafted a bill for Body Worn Video for the State of NC, that Bill on July 11, 2016 was signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory. To view the Law, please click here.

One of the primary concerns that has been determined though the various workshops and presentations given to the CJIN Board by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department by Crystal Cody and Major Steve Willis, Lt. Justin Flint from the Greensboro Police Department, Captain Jeff Young from Hickory Police Department, Deputy Chief Mitch Cunningham from the Wilmington Police Department, Deputy Chief Anthony Marsh of the Durham Police Department, Deputy Chris Creech, IT Director at Wake County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. John Maultsby from the Raleigh Police Department, Lt. Ryan Hepler with the Rocky Mount Police Department, Kim Thomas, Criminal Investigator with the Fayetteville Police Department, Cameron Garner, Evidence Technician and Captain Jennifer Brame with the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office and others have assisted the CJIN Board by sharing their experiences and concerns surrounding Body Worn Cameras.  Out of those meetings and workshops one of the concerns is that of video management of the body worn camera footage; tagging of videos, record retention, cost of storage, etc.   This concern will be explored in greater depth by the CJIN Board.

All of the aforementioned presentations, polices, statutes, ordinances, workshops, etc. can be viewed below:



NC Agencies (pilots, implementation, policies, etc.)

Body Worn Video Law for NC

Link to Justice and Public Safety Subcommittee Debate on BWC Part 1

Link to Justice and Public Safety Subcommittee Debate on BWC Part 2

Article on DPS Secretary Frank Perry on the Body Worn Video for NC

Article on NC Body Worn Video Bill will not be public information

Article on McCrory signing into Law the Body Worn Video Bill


Statutes and Ordinances (NC & Agencies across the Country)

Body Worn Camera Statue State of New Jersey

State of Virginia Criminal Justice Services Policy on BWC

Abington Police Department

Aquia Harbour Police Department

Ashland Police Department

Bedford Police Department

Berryville Police Department

Blackstone Police Department

Brunswick Sheriff's Office

Chesapeake Police Department

Chincoteague Police Department

Colonial Heights Police Department

Danville Police Department

Dinwiddie County Sheriff's Office

Drakes Branch Police Department

Farmville Police Department

Ferrum College Police Department

Frederick County Sheriff's Office

Galax Police Department

Gordonsville Police Department

Greene County Sheriff's Office

Halifax Police Department

Hampton Police Department

Haymarket Police Department

Henrico County Sheriff's Department

Hopewell County Sheriff's Department

Hurt Police Department

Isle of Wright County Sheriff's Office

Kenbridge Police Department

Lawrenceville Police Department

Longwood University Police Department

Lousia County Sheriff's Office

Manassas Park City Police Department

Martinsville Police Department

Massanutten Police Department

New Market Police Department

Newport News Police Department

Norfolk Police Department

Orange Police Department

Patrick County Sheriff's Office

Pearisburg Police Department

Radford Police Department

Radford University Police Department

Regent University Police Department

Richlands Police Department

Roanoke County Sheriff's Office

Rocky Mount Police Department

Salem Police Department

Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office

Smithfield Police Department

Suffolk Police Department

Tappahannock Police Department

University of Virginia Police Department

Virginia Commonwealth University Police Department

Warrenton Police Department

Waynesboro Police Department

West Point Police Department

Wintergreen Police Department

Woodstock Police Department

York-Poquoson County Sheriff's Office

State of Colorado BWC Policies

Airway Heights Police Department

Bainbridge Island Police Department

Bay Area Rapid Transit Policy

Beaverton Police Department

Bellingham Police Department

Calistoga Police Department

Denver Police Department

Duluth Police Department

Fort Collins Police Department

Kentucky League of Cities Policies

Las Vegas Police Department

Liberty Lake Police Department

Madison Wisconsin Police Department

NC Conference of District's Attorney's BWC Policy

Parker Colorado Police Department

Phoenix Police Department

Anaheim Police Department

Poulsbo Police Department

Pullman Police Department

Washington DC Report Recommendations on BWCs

Rialto Police Department

San Jose Police Department BWC Policy Executive Summary

San Jose Police Department BWC Policy

Seattle Police Department

Spokane Washington Police Department BWC Audit

Spokane Washington Police Department BWC Draft Policy


Presentations, Workshops and Information (Nationally and Internationally)

ACLU Model Policy for Body Worn Cameras

ACLU Summary of Accountability

ACLU Individual Liberties

ACLU The Public's Right to Know

ACLU Questions for BWC Policy Review

ACLU Getting to Win Win Executive Summary

ACLU Getting to Win Win, Use of Body Worn Cameras In Virginia Policing


Homeland Security Today Article

Body Worn Cameras the Future is Here, from The Police Chief

Bureau of Justice Assistance BWC Implementation Checklist

College of Policing, Body Worn Video Guidelines

Cops and Body Worn Cameras, Phoenix PD's Lessons Learned

Implementing a Body Worn Camera Program, COPS Article

Force Science Institute Report on Body Worn Cameras

Guidelines for Body Worn Camera for Law Enforcement Agencies, Canada

Body Worn Video, Technical Guidelines UK

Surveillance Camera Code of Practice, UK

Digital Imaging Guidelines UK

Digital Imaging Procedure UK

International Association of Chiefs of Police BWC Model Policy

The Leadership Conference, BWC A Policy Scorecard

Non-Police Guidelines for BWC by Reveal Media

ACLU Body Mounted Cameras Article

Guidelines for BWC for Police Use UK

DOJ Office of Justice Programs, Police Office BWC

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Press Release

Primer on Law Enforcement Use of BWC by the DOJ Office of Justice Programs

Security Industry Authority Vehicle Notes

Subject to Debate, Newsletter Article

Body Worn Video Steering Group Guide to Implementation UK

UK Policy of CCTV

Technology Talk, Cost of Ownership BWV, British Columbia