City of Charlotte

Crystal Cody, Systems Analysis and Programming Manager, Computer Technology Solutions Division
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
Phone: 704-336-8076


Crystal Cody, Program Director, Charlotte Police Department gave a presentation to the CJIN Board on the new Charlotte Regional Information Sharing System - CRISS. Ms. Cody explained the need for the system, and then went on to explain the strategy and features of the system. The CRISS system will be a data sharing platform for 57 agencies which will connect 11 counties in North and South Carolina. The CRISS system will not only be able to share information to its users but also allow for analytical tools, such as crime mapping by location, individual associations, property associations and events across jurisdictional boundaries, which will allow for a visual representation of a criminal network. Ms. Cody explained about the cost, governance and continuing benefit of the program. The committee was reviewed along with the project schedule and screen shots of the program itself.

CRISS DOJ Presentation 20091029