Office of the State Controller, CJLEADS

Carol Burroughs, Project Manager
Phone: 919-981-5546

Carol Burroughs, Project Manager from the Office of State Controller. Carol gave the Board a handout with the latest information regarding the project CJLEADS. There is a project implementation timeline and partnership list on this handout. Carol explained that there had been several presentations of the system to various committees and groups within the State since the Boards last meeting. She then went into a comprehensive demo of the system for the Board.

Additional information on this valuable project can be found at:

CJLEADS Update from the March 24, 2011 CJIN Meeting

Carol Burroughs gave this report and introduced Danny Bell who would be taking her place on the project, images are available to all court personnel along with Concealed Handgun Permits and now the Watch feature allows for individualized notes to be added by personnel, the time out has been increased to 2 hours and they are working on getting it to 4 hours, now there is a My Activity section available for allows for historical data to be viewed by all users, in November there will be real-time service to Wildlife information, Assault and Meth are now separated from the Approach W/Caution warning so that not all offenders have that when they are populated within CJLEADS, The Sex Offender Registry is now more fluid, and for a future release the user will be able to merge records themselves, the search feature has been expanded and the budget is now $25 Million.

CJLEADS - Update from the February 23, 2012 CJIN Meeting

Danny Bell, Project Manager for CJLEADS gave an update on the progress of the system including over 16,000 trained users, over 451 Federal, State, County and Local Criminal Justice Agencies, leaving 10,000 more people to train, release 5 is scheduled to be released on Monday February 27, 2012, this release will have several new functionalities such as an advanced search and merging of data files by the officer, along with several new reports that can be obtained from the program, a new tab that was to assist officers in offense coding by General Statues, the next release is scheduled for the June timeframe, CJLEADS is hoping to have finished development of a “Lite” version for users who do not have access to air cards as well as a mobile version for mobile devices, the shared watch list capability should be available in the June release, CJLEADS is working with AOC for integration with the statewide repository and working with DOJ on the N-DEx and DCI interface with CJLEADS, the FBI number was removed from the view of the user, there was an agreement by the FBI that since the program was going to be moved to a criminal justice run organization the number was made available to the user, but as there are no immediate plans for the program to move from the SAS facilities, then the FBI number had to be removed from the view of the user, this data will not be in the program, CJLEADS has asked the data agencies providing the data to CJLEADS to scrub this from their records prior to submission to CJLEADS, this will be effective October of 2012 and Danny was asked if there were any plans to allow a feed from NCJOIN or for Juvenile data to be made available to the user, Danny was unsure of that connection or of any discussions regarding Juvenile data.