Town of Coats

Police Chief Matthew J. Hall
Phone: 910-897-5183

The presentation by the Town of Coats included an overview of the Department, background on the Town of Coats, and an overview of the police department's wireless communication law enforcement system including challenges with the previous system, partnership with American Law Enforcement Network, the use of digital technology and security, the inquiries into NCIC and SBI, Incident Reports, the ability to query other states, interoperability with the Harnett County Sheriff's Office and other agencies in the region, the cost, number of components, and configuration of the system, Police Pak Software and hand held devices.

Town of Coats Presentation

City and County Wireless Initiatives and Information Sharing

Interoperable Mobile Communications

Chief Eddie Jaggers from the Town of Coats, gave a presentation to the CJIN Board on the information sharing initiatives in Harnett County. Chief Jaggers introduced Lt. Kelly Fields from the Town of Coats along with Jimmy Pope, Charles Callahan and David Register from the City of Dunn. Chief Jaggers gave a presentation to the Board on the information sharing that Harnett County has in place. He explained that the Towns of Coats, Angier, the Cities of Dunn, Benson and Lillington have a mobile client from the American Law Enforcement Network, which allows these agencies to communicate through the MDT in their patrol cars. This system allows for access to each agencies RMS system, field based reports, NCIC information, DMV information, DMV and DOC photos, has the ability to broadcast information and has voice recognition. Chief Jaggers gave the Board a live demonstration of the system. Chief Jaggers requested the Board help meet the needs of the officers on the road by doing the following:

  • Provide one interface for critical information
  • Finding a solution to the system time-out and re-logging into it
  • Auto populate eCitation and eCrash programs
  • Provide the ability to check local databases simultaneously when checking state and federal data
  • Have GIS-AVL technology to provide geographical awareness of responders to incidents as they unfold
  • Create a standard for extracting data for information sharing

Presentation Town of Coats, 01-28-2010