Digital Signatures and E-Forms

Sharon Hayes, Deputy State Chief Information Officer
Phone: 919-754-6601

ABC Pilot Application External

Sharon Hayes, Deputy State CIO, presented a PowerPoint to the Board that included the problem of the State being overloaded with information and document processing, the inefficiency of the paper system, the inadequate access to the paper documents, the problem with compliance by agencies, the General Statue that enacted Electronic Commerce in Government, the Federal E-sign Act, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, the fact that there are thousands of paper forms across agencies, the evolution of e-forms from paper to totally interactive, NC is in the middle with a hybrid system of some paper and some electronic forms, the Pilot Project was to create a uniform and consistent set of policies and procedures for managing and preserving electronic records, develop and establish statewide electronic records training and certification programs, promote the use of public records in digital format, develop statewide procurement standards, provide guidance and assistance for all customers, report back to the General Assembly on the status and effectiveness of the Pilot by April 1, 2009, the qualifications for the project, the internal process of the pilot, the external process of the pilot, digital signatures in other states, benefits of using e-forms and digital signatures, criminal justice applications for use, and the future of the program.

Digital Signature Presentation