Electronic Discovery

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Administrative Office of the Courts
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The CJIN Board has discussed this project and numerous components that impact the successful outcome, including next generation 911 (text and video, how to incorporate these items into the chain of evidence), Basil McVey relayed to the Board that Rollout to the District Attorneys was on October 10th, with 40,000 Case folders, 155,000 documents, and 16 Million pages of data, additional storage space had to be purchased to accommodate the information at 80 to 100 GB per month, Defense Attorney Download Pilot was finished in June, 2011, this allows for release of discovery document electronically. There at 18 districts involved and this is for Law Enforcement documents to the AOC, Al Williams stated he was very pleased with the pace that AOC was able to keep for accommodating the members, Basil also stated that there was a 1 GB storage limit as of today, and that might change in the future.

Electronic Discovery Project - Evidence Numbering

Chairman Brinson introduced Ginger Helms, AOC Program Manager who provided the Board with a presentation of the Electronic Discovery Project. The presentation included the Discovery Automation Process with the benefits to the users, as well as some of the features that the system offers. There were numerous screen shots of the system in action to allow for a more detailed understanding of the look and feel of the system. Ginger also offered the Board a timeline for the various releases of the system and a chart of the constituents that are served by the system. This presentation led to a discussion regarding the Evidence Numbers by the SBI crime lab and the planned revisions to the procedures.


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