FBI - InfraGard Organization

Greg Baker, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Phone: 919-854-2400
E-mail: gregory.baker2@ic.fbi.gov

FBI InfraGard Regions

Special Agent Greg Baker of the FBI provided the Board with a presentation of the InfraGard program, a partnership between the FBI and private industry which encourages the sharing of information between the government and private sector for the purpose of national critical infrastructure protection, including a definition of critical infrastructures, impact on private industry, types of threats, how to protect infrastructures, history of the program and changes in focus, mission statement, organizational structure within the FBI (regions, field offices, and chapters), the role of the FBI within the program, sharing of FBI and DHS information from the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center, highlights from different chapters, special interest groups, ability to receive analysis and warning with alerts and advisories.

InfraGard Presentation