CJIN Initative with Law Enforcement Agencies without a Record Management System

CJIN Staff
Gene Vardaman, Executive Director
Phone: 919-754-6635
E-Mail: gene.vardaman@nc.gov

LaVonda Fowler, Executive Administrator
Phone: 919-754-6634
E-Mail: lavonda.fowler@nc.gov


The CJIN Staff has been working with smaller LEAs that do not possess an RMS.  These agencies find it hard to share data when it is in a paper format.  The staff is hoping to have a solution within the next several months.  The approach will consist of; meeting with the Vendors of the RMS system, determine the Vendors that are willing to assist those agencies that did not have an RMS, determine the Public Safety Answering Point for the agency without an RMS, because the agency operating the PSAP or Dispatch Center do have an RMS.  The counties that we have contacted are willing to share a template of an incident and arrest report at a computer within their facility, so that an officer can input the information at their agency.  This means that an officer from a smaller agency does not have to have a laptop or Field Based Reporting software on their computers in the field.  At this point files are being printed and stored within a filing cabinet.  This sparked the notion that perhaps if the smaller agencies were willing to take a thumb drive to the dispatching agency once a week with their incident reports on it, then they could be uploaded into the RMS system.  The agencies are willing as are the Vendors to make this a reality for the smaller agencies.  This will most likely be a no cost alternative solution for information sharing which is a win – win scenario for both the larger agency that dispatches and the smaller without the RMS.  The main Vendor we have been working with is Southern Software as they have the most users (over 300) in the state of NC.  These smaller agencies do not have the equipment or Broadband access with the appropriate security to connect directly to the dispatching center.