Administrative Office of the Courts, Magistrate Video Project

Administrative Office of the Courts
Phone: 919-890-1400

The Magistrate Video Project (MVP) seeks to use video technology to ease the very practical burdens on the state’s criminal justice system (lower expenses, greater efficiency, improved resourcefulness, improved responsiveness and increased flexibility); MVP utilizes current laws and four critical technology components to enable magistrates and law enforcement officers to perform several court functions “across the wire.” 1. General Statutes 15A-303, 15A-304, 15A-511, and 15A-532, 2. NCAWARE, 3. A secure, purpose-built video phone, 4. NCAOC’s voice and video infrastructure, 5. The Internet; deployed in the following counties: Alexander, Cherokee, Currituck, Davidson, Franklin, Jackson, Macon, Stokes and Surry; with the number of instances used at: Alexander - 31, Cherokee - 145, Davidson - 184, Franklin - 19, Jackson - 79, Macon - 15, Stokes - 93 and Surry - 161, the average call is between 6 and 9 minutes.

The powerpoint can be viewed here.