State of Michigan

Mr. Laude Hartrum, Chairman
Law Enforcement Steering Committee
Region 6 Homeland Security Governing Board
Phone Number: 231-233-7633

Integrated System for Electronic Retrieval of Vital Inforamtion for Crime Enforcement and Security

Laude Hartum shared with the Board the history and functionality of the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) used in Michigan for access to NCIC and NLETS along with a number of Criminal Justice Information System Policy Councils. Laude provided the state's vision, mission, goals, business model including the concept of ISERVICES Gateway with 350 participating agencies, 75 accessible systems (Courts, Corrections, Prosecutors, Driver's License, Mug-shot Photos, 3rd party systems, etc.), Federated Query Architecture, multi-bridge servers, agencies own and control their data (agencies establish sharing parameters, share and access data regardless of RMS/JMS/CAD software, affordable, scalable, real-time data, simple application, and configuration), and there was an in-depth discussion of the regional concept.

State of Michigan Presentation