Naval Criminal Investigative Service - LInX Project

Colleen Wood, NCIS LInX Carolinas, Regional Program Manager

Phone: 919-384-6108

Chief Palombo gave the CJIN Board a presentation at the February 4, 2016 meeting that outlined the plan for the LInX Expansion to approximately 43 new agencies in NC thanks to the generous funding allocation by the NC General Assembly for $288,000.  To view that presentation to the CJIN Board, please click here.  Additionally the latest presentations that Chief Palombo has given to the CJIN Board and to the Justice and Public Safety Subcommittee are in the links below.


A LInX Governance Board Meeting was held at the Washington Duke Inn on February 25, 2014, that LInX Program Manager Frank Palombo gave the LInX Governance Board  a presentation at that meeting, which can be found here. Frank also gave a presentation to the CJIN Governing Board March 27, 2014, to view those talking points please click here, Frank also provided some additional talking points for the May 29, 2014 CJIN Meeting, they can be found here.



NCIS Deputy Director, Christopher Cote, gave the CJIN Board an overview of the LInX project. This is a Department of the Navy product that was designed to share information between NCIS and local law enforcement to protect the surrounding Naval Installations and its personnel. There are over 1800 Law Enforcement Agencies that contribute and/or share data today, with NCIS. There are existing partnerships between the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security within each of the 14 regions that have LInX deployed. Director Cote explained the origins of the project, the type of data that is collected in the program, how it is used, the status of the program, where they are now in the United States, the future development of the project, the successful connection of LInX to NDEx, LInX Success stories, security of the program and the governance of LInX. Director Cote then went into a live demonstration of the project.

LInX Brief for NC Oct 29 2009

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