State of Nebraska

Mike Overton, Chief Information Services Officer, Nebraska Crime Commission
Phone: 402-471-3992

Mike Overton, Chief Information Services Division, Nebraska Crime Commission (NCC). Mike gave the Board a presentation on the Criminal Justice Integration Project that has been successfully implemented in Nebraska. The solution that Nebraska developed was web-based in nature, so that all personnel that had internet access could use the solution. This is also a solution used by multiple states, including Alabama, Nebraska, Wyoming and Kansas. Mike discussed the various challenges and obstacles that were encountered in the design and implementation of the project, as well as sharing screen shots of the actual working version. He then did a live demonstration of the program for the Board members. Mike explained that the software developed for this project was offered to Kansas at no cost and also to North Carolina. He clarified that the installation of the software would have an associated cost unless the State had the expertise in house to install it.