Division of Adult Correction Smart Phone Application

Cindy Cousins, Application Manager
Phone: 919-716-3531
E-Mail: Cindy.Cousins@ncdps.gov

Cindy Cousins from the Department of Public Safety. Cindy stated that the purpose of the development of the Probation Officer Dashboard program was to allow for greater mobility and functionality for the Probation and Parole Officer in the field. The program has eliminated a vast about of work with the caseload that they are required to maintain. The program allows for “at a glace” view of offenders that need to be contacted, or otherwise checked on, and this is done “behind the scenes” whereas before an officer was doing this by hand with 100 case files on his desk. Now the automation is in place to assist with the ability to calendar court dates, through a web service to AOC, as well as any run in with law enforcement such as a traffic violation and to verify persons through DMV web service as well as to record a narrative of a visit or upload a photo or new information on a person that is in the residence of a probationer or parolee. There are security measures in place to remotely wipe the phone if it ever gets lost or stolen, but all data is backed up on the Public Safety server and can be accessed at any time by the officer. The data that is available to the Probation and Parole Officer exceeds that of the District Attorney's and Magistrates at times. The far reaching effects of this technology should be of extreme interest to other departments.