City of Wilson

Will Aycock, Assistant Director of Information Technology Services
Phone: 252-296-3344

Mobile Tools for Emergency Response

Will Aycock provided the Board with an overview of technical solutions focused on distinct needs and the difference between mobile versus wireless including automating fire inspections using mobile devices (schedule of inspections, field data entry, printing reports in the field, 35% increase in productivity), mobile tools for emergency responders - GIS data access in the field, digital photographs, Geo-reference oblique imagery in the field, pre-incident surveys linked to geographic features, annotated floor plans accessible in the field, automated vehicle location (closest unit response), connection to CAD with silent dispatch (using time stamping), using mobile tools for conducting analysis during emergency situations with an example of a break in the gas main, mobile wireless technology for the police department using field based reporting being populated with CAD, creating standards in mobile tools being deployed in different departments, mobile platforms, software being used, diagrams of wireless infrastructure, and a summary of mobile technologies.

City of Wilson Presentation