CJIN Reports


More Initiatives

  • Voice Interoperability Plan for Emergency Responders (VIPER)
  • CJIN Mobile Data Network
  • Wake County Pilot Project – Office of the State Controller
  • Electronic Discovery, District Attorney, Document Management
  • Wireless Technology
  • Savings Through Partnering
  • Increase in Fingerprinting
  • National Data Exchange (NDEx)
  • States Sharing Software

Upcoming CJIN Initiatives

  • Information Sharing
  • Feature 2

Local Law Enforcement Information Sharing Initiative

The CJIN Board included a section within the report outlining several opportunities to enhance the information sharing capabilities of local law enforcement along with the ability to obtain advanced crime fighting tools – crime mapping, searching narratives, connecting known associates, property, vehicles, etc. The opportunity to share and use these crime tools can be obtained by exporting the information within the local record management systems to the FBI's National Data Exchange System. As stated in the report, the CJIN Board will continue to meet with the vendors of North Carolina to facilitate an interface between local law enforcement and the FBI.


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