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Information Sharing

The Criminal Justice Information Network Governing Board is dedicated to helping solve the challenge of information sharing in North Carolina. Numerous cities, counties and municipalities have shared with the Board the solution being used in their region or area. We also have solutions from other states and some Federal agencies. Each of these solutions is linked within this site along with contact information for each of the agencies - agency contact information is provided with every project.

Any agency that is willing to share the details of their projects can contact the CJIN Staff for either posting the information or providing the Board with a presentation or both.

Here are the most recent presentations to the CJIN Board:

CJIN Chair, Bob Brinson gave a presentation at the Joint IT Oversight and Department of Health and Human Services, December 13, 2011, on Law Enforcement and Mental Health Data Sharing.

CJIN Chair, Bob Brinson, provides Joint Legislative IT Oversight Committee with recommended standard for Criminal Justice Information Sharing on Nov. 30, 2010:

Presentations from the November 17, 2010 CJIN Board Meeting where RMS Vendors support CJIN's recommended Information Sharing Initiative:

The information sharing projects are listed here, please click for a summary of the project, an email link to the agency, links to any reports, handouts, power points, etc.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies