Douglasville, GA Police Department

Mac Abercrombie, Douglasville Police Department
Phone: 678-293-1707

The Board has been addressing local solutions from within North Carolina; changes to city and county ordinances, along with vendor solutions and in-house solutions.  One of the best and most comprehensive solutions was implemented by Douglasville Police Department and presented to the Board by Detective Mac Abercrombie and Chief Chris Womack, click for You Tube Presentation.

Click here for Presentation to the CJIN Board.


Maryland State Police

F/Sgt Brian Gill, RAPID Program Manager, Maryland State Police
Phone: 410-627-1085

The CJIN Board was presented a state enterprise solution by the Maryland State Police; Maryland’s Regional Automated Property Information Database (RAPID), Enterprise Solution, Brian Stephen Gill, First Sergeant, Adam Joseph Stachurski, Captain, and Scott Robert Lantz, Compliance Officer, Maryland State Police, Jack Gee, President, Business Watch International, Bob Moseley, LInX Project Coordinator, National Capital Region.  RAPID is a nationally recognized enterprise solution that was implemented by Maryland and is expanding to Virginia and Delaware. Click here for the Presentation to the CJIN Board.

RAPID is very beneficial to the law enforcement community because it is interconnected to the NCIS-LInX System; RAPID provides LInX with a daily extract of all property records from secondhand dealers in the three aforementioned states.  This is a major step towards single single-on; Property Information Interface to LInX, Bob Moseley, LInX Coordinator, Montgomery County, Chief Frank Palombo, Program Manager, LInX Carolinas, NCIS, Mitch Cunningham, Deputy Chief, Wilmington PD.

Information from Douglasville can be viewed under the following links: Pawn Ordinance, Secondhand Ordinance, Permit Information and Application.


HB 1282 - Study Automated Pawn Systems

Wake County

The CJIN Board meeting on January 28, 2009 was structured to receive input and generate discussion regarding the feasibility of developing and maintaining an automated statewide pawn transaction system. The Staff solicited input from various law enforcement agencies, their officers and deputies, information technology personnel, and pawn shop owners. The Board received presentations and comments from professionals that work within this field. The staff conducted a variety of workshops following the January meeting to gain the necessary information to assemble a report for the Legislative Oversight Committee, which was submitted on March 31, 2010. The study report can be viewed in the Reports section of this website.

Wake County Overview

Mark Eisele, IT Manager, Wake County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 919-856-6975

Richard Bargfrede, City of Raleigh Police Department
Phone: 919-996-1315

Mark Eisele, Wake County IT Department and Rich Bargfrede, Detective with Raleigh Police Department. Mark and Rich gave the Board an overview of the process that Wake County and the City of Raleigh use to obtain Pawn Transactions. They shared with the Board screen shots of their system as it is not available outside of their network. This was a system that was built in-house by Raleigh PD.

Pawn Data Reporting in Wake County North Carolina

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and Guilford County Sheriff's Office

Lt. Kim Simma and Dick Evans, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
Phone: 704-409-1183

Lt. Kim Simma with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Lt. Simma introduced Dick Evans and Tom Geisler from the IT Department who assisted her with the live demonstration of their existing system in Charlotte. Detective David Shaw from the Guilford County Sheriff's Office was also there to assist in the presentation. The system used in Charlotte and Guilford is called PawnTracker. This system is accessed through a secured connection to the individual departments. Dick and Kim both explained how this system could be adapted for potential state-wide implementation. Tom explained how the ordinances in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County allowed the system to also include precious metals, pawn transaction information and scrap metal for a parallel effort.

Detective Simma came back to the CJIN Board to express concerns regarding Pawn ATMs that where being placed in Charlotte area malls. These self-service kiosks allow a patron to scan a barcode and the machine "offers" a price for the device and if the patron accepts the offer, the machine takes the device and gives cash to the recipient. The concern that Detective Simma has is it is a good way to "pawn" stolen goods, as the ATMs do not report to the police what goods were transacted on any given day, as pawn shops do have to report their transactions. For more information, please see the following articles:

Fayetteville Police Department, Jacksonville Police Department, Cumberland and Onslow County Sheriff's Office

Lt. Matt Hurley, Cumberland County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 910-677-5460

Matt Hurley from the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office provided the Board with a live demonstration of the Pawn Transaction system used in the above agencies. Matt showed how Leads-On-Line was a valuable asset to these agencies as it allowed for a variety of areas to be searched nationally and not just locally, this was important to the agencies represented as they are surrounded by military bases and the clientele are transitional. Matt also discussed the important of the vendor's interaction with NCIC.

Pawn Shop Owner and Director of the National Associatoin of Pawn Shop Owners

Bob Moulton, National and NC Pawn Brokers Association
Phone: 919-286-3333

National Pawn

Bob Moulton shared with the CJIN Board his background and experiences. Mr. Moulton explained to the Board what changes and recommendations he and other Pawn Shop Owners, including Dave Beck, also a member of the NC Pawn Association, felt should be made to the existing statues and their reasoning.